The Area’s Premiere Pet Store Since 1950

Gittler’s Aquarium & Aviary has the area’s largest local inventory of pet supplies, and our customers trust our knowledge of a variety of pets and how to care for them. We have been a Johnstown, PA staple since 1950, and since our opening, we have been the area’s number one source for fresh and saltwater fish, reptiles, birds, small animals, exotics, and much more.

Visit Gittler’s for the pet supplies you need at reasonable prices! We are a fully stocked pet store, and we carry all the supplies you need to keep your pet happy and healthy, no matter what type of pet you may have.

Flock to our pet store’s convenient location on Ohio Street to see what sets Gittler’s Aquarium & Aviary apart from the rest. Or, give us a call to see if we stock what you need: (814) 536-2525.

We Carry All the Pet Supplies You Need, Including:

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Choose from a Variety of Fresh & Saltwater Fish to Stock Your Aquarium

Fill your aquarium with beautiful fish from Gittler’s. We have over 4,000 gallons of fish tanks filled with fresh and saltwater fish that will really make your home tank pop. Whether you are looking for your first fish, or you are an experienced aquarist, we have the perfect fish for you.

Choose from goldfish, cichlids, guppies, GloFish®, clownfish, tangs, starfish, angelfish, and much, much more.

We provide you with the knowledge and supplies you need to take care of your new fish.

Find Reptiles & Birds Here, Too!

Gittler’s stocks our pet store with quality reptiles, birds, exotics, and small mammals. We carry a variety of snakes, chameleons, geckos, bearded dragons, hermit crabs, and all the supplies you need to keep them healthy and happy. Our knowledgeable staff hand-raises our baby birds and small mammals, so you know you get a pet that is accustomed to being around people. Visit us when you want a cockatiel, sun conure, macaw, rabbit, ferret, or chinchilla.

If you are curious about the reptiles or birds we have available, or you need care tips, feel free to give us a call. Our staff is more than happy to answer your questions: (814) 536-2525.

We Stock Dog Food From a Variety of Great Brands, Including:

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